The University works on a credit hours system and regular study basis. The University prioritizes outstanding students, where students are admitted following the best modern methods and techniques.

Current student’s registration dates are announced one month before the beginning of each semester on the University's official website. Al Quds University seeks to facilitate and simplify the procedures for registration using the most advanced techniques with full commitment to the accuracy of academic information and students’ privacy.

The Department is keen on increasing students’ awareness of their academic situation, their academic affairs and related bylaws and instructions as well as enabling students to easily access them and follow them whenever they want, through a self-service e-system. Examples of this are: enquiries about the student's own academic record, lectures schedule, academic status and so on.

The Department seeks constantly to develop the process of counseling and the self-registration e-system in order to make it easier for the students of the University and alleviate the registration process ordeal.


The objectives of the Department:

  • Quick, easy and accurate registration of academic courses each semester for students according to their approved academic plans.
  • Follow up and guarantee the development of the academic records of students, according to the instructions for granting scientific degrees.
  • Maintain the confidentiality and safety of the academic records.
  • Promote the use of the electronic admission and registration services by students and faculty members.
  • Provide accurate, secure and advanced data to the various faculties and departments at the University and the relevant offices.
  • Develop the skills of the Department’s employees.
  • Keep up with the growing technological development in the areas of admission and registration.
  • Continuous internal control for all admission and registration procedures.

Responsibility of the students

The responsibility of the students:

  • Access to all academic regulations related to their academic career.
  • Ensure compliance with the instructions of the academic advisor and refer to him/her in case of any academic problem.
  • Adhere to the deadlines set by the Department of Registration.
  • Follow up on the announcements and instructions related to counseling and registration, as well as follow up the University website.
  • Students must confirm their major by providing a specialization cards according to the program plan and the approval of the Department.
  • Meet with the counselor to review the study plan regularly to keep track of their academic career.
  • Keep track of the academic situation at the end of each academic semester and follow up on the grades, averages, warnings and other measures.

Information Gathering Mechanisms

Mechanism: Students can consult the Consultation Unit and fill out the document application form as well as set its type themselves or use a procuration form from a solicitor to delegate someone according to the following steps:  

  • Review the Department of Finance to pay the required fees.
  • Deliver the payment receipt to the Consultation Unit.
  • Students can receive their documents after two hours of delivering the receipt.
  • The equivalence of the documentation copies are done at the Ministry of Higher Education, not in the Department of Registration.
  • Graduating students who attended the graduation ceremony of the University can receive their graduation degree free of charge. The students who did not attend the graduation ceremony at the end of the graduation year have to pay a fee of 300 NIS.

Important note: Student documentation form fees:

  • Proof of being a student at the University (10 NIS).
  • Proof of graduation (certified) (30 NIS).
  • Grade transcript for regular student (10 NIS)
  • Request of transfer to another faculty (25 NIS).
  • Request for re-entry to a Bachelor degree (25 NIS).
  • Request for re-entry to a Master degree (180 NIS).

Frequent Questions

When doe the registration period finish?
The answer (students must read the announcement regarding the registration period on the website)

When does late drop period end?
The answer (students must read the academic calendar page on the University website)

How can we drop a course later than its deadline?
The answer (students can see the head of the department to drop the course via the late drop link)

I have been attending a course since the beginning of the semester but this course is not recorded in my schedule or my name does not appear within the teacher’s list of attendance, what should I do?
The answer (students can see the head of the department and get the recommendation from the teacher and head of the department to register the course after making the necessary financial settlement and obtaining the approval from the Department of Academic Affairs)

I encountered an emergency situation and I would like to withdraw from the entire semester, what should I do?
The answer (students can go to the head of the department and fill a case situation form and attach supporting documents of the emergency that prevented them from continuing their study as well as submitting the recommendation from the head of the department to the dean of the faculty of the student to be approved by the Academic Affairs. Based on the decision of Academic Affairs and the necessary supporting documents, the Registration Department will carry out the request.

I have registered through the portal but the registration does not appear on the student page (in the Lectures Schedule link), what should I do?
The answer (students must make sure that they have fixed their registration by accessing their schedule on the portal and making sure that the academic advisor has approved the schedule. Students must make sure that the confirmation button is lit (recording the registration), if it is lit that means they need to press it and a warning window will appear that the registration was completed. If not, it means that there is a something impeding the system to carry out the task such as unpaid fees, a rejected course, courses timing conflict or credit hours are more than the accepted maximum load.

I have stopped my study for a while and I want to pursue my studies, what should I do?
The answer (students must go to the Department of Registration and fill the application form of re-entry into the University, then the Department will take the appropriate decision about it).

I have been arrested and I want to resume my studies, what should I do?
The answer (students must fill a case situation form by providing the arrest documents (Red Cross documents) showing the date of arrest and release, then provide them to the Consultation Unit in the Registration Department.

I have postponed my study and I want to resume my studies, what should I do?
The answer (students must provide the Department of Registration with a problem case form to study their academic profile and make a decision.

I was suspended from the faculty, major or University and I would like to stay at the University, what should I do?
The answer (students dismissed from the faculty, major or University can apply for a petition form from the Academic Affairs requesting to be given another chance in their major. The request then is analyzed by the Student Cases Committee derived from the Academic Council to make the appropriate decision.

I gave my application to one of the students, I was surprised that some of the courses were registered for me but I never attended them throughout the semester because I didn’t know that they were registered to me, what should I do?
The answer (students are responsible to consult and contact their academic advisor, their department head or dean of his faculty by themselves. If such a mistake occurs, students can fill a case problem form to the head of the department, submit the document to the dean of his faculty with the appropriate recommendation. The Dean will send it to the Academic Affairs for approval then to the Department of Registration.

I want to transfer from one faculty to another, what should I do?
The answer (students can apply for a transfer form, fill it out and hand it over to the Department of Registration. The Department fills the necessary information attaching the students’ grade transcript and sends them all to the dean of the faculty in order to make a decision and give it back to the Department of Registration to take the right action.

I want to study courses outside the University, what should I do?
The answer (students can receive a request to study outside of the University from the Department of Registration and fill it out with the courses they intend to study outside the University and submit it to the head of their department to make the appropriate decision, then send it to the dean of their faculty to approve it and then hand it over to the Department of Registration which gives students a registration letter to be given to the other university’ Registration Department).