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Enrollment Guide for Undergraduates



Enrollment Guide for Postgraduates

After admission

The accepted student is given a full week from the date of his/her acceptance to complete the procedures for the seat reservation by paying the amount required for his/her major of interest in the Arab Bank.

Accepted students should visit the Admission Department of the Main campus/ Abu Dis or Hind Al-Husseini/ Jerusalem campus, with the documents listed below to receive their acceptance letter stating their University ID .

Documents required for MA students:

  1. A certified copy of the secondary school certificate
  2. A certified copy of Bachelor degree transcripts.
  3. A certified copy of Bachelor's degree certificate.
  4. A certificate equivalence from the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education for non-Palestinian certificates as well as the Grading System issued by universities providing the certificates.
  5. A copy of birth certificate.
  6. A copy of personal ID.
  7. A letters of recommendation from the place of study or workplace.
  8. One personal photo.


Official certified certificates should be provided upon receiving the official acceptance and upon visiting the Admission Department to receive the university ID number and complete the seat reservation procedures.

Documents required for BA  students:

  1. Enrolment application card.
  2. A certified copy of the secondary school certificate
  3. Personal picture.
  4. A copy of the birth certificate.
  5. A copy of the Palestinian ID.
  6. The original bank slip for the amount paid to reserve the enrollment seat.
  7. Students who fail to abide to the time limit provided to complete the procedures for seat reservation lose their right to enroll in the major they were accepted in.

Important notes:

  • Any missing document of the requested above will lead to an incomplete process of reserving the seat and any student who does not adhere to the deadline of reservation will lose the right to being admitted.
  • If the enrolled student at AQU is found to have been dismissed from the university s/he transferred from, his acceptance at AQU is immediately revoked.
  • After reserving the seat and receiving the University ID, students are not entitled to transfer from one faculty to another or from major to another, unless they successfully pass thirty credit hours.

Withdraw from the University

In the event that a student decides to withdraw from the University after completing the reservation of the seat or after paying of the amount required to reserve the seat:

  • S/he loses 30% of the reservation fee until the first day of the academic semester - .
  • S/he loses 50% of the reservation fee in the first week of the academic semester
  • S/he loses the full amount if s/he decides to withdraw after the first week of the first academic semester.