Shifa` Abdullah Fanasheh


Lecturer in Department of Medical Physiotherapy


Department of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Health Professions, Al-Quds University, Abu Deis - Main Campus, Jerusalem -Palestine, Health Complex,  level -1


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Teacher at Physiotherapy &Rehabilitation Department – Faculty of Health Professions-Al-Quds University.Master Of physiotherapy inNeuromuscular disorder and its surgery - Cairo University 2012. A research assistance at Al-Quds University department of Physiotherapy from 2004-2007. BA in physiotherapy, Al-Quds University August / 2004

Research interests

  • Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation effect of treatment among different disorder .
  • Physiotherapy Role in Gynecology.
  • Rehabilitation for Neuromuscular disorder.
  • Stem cells effect on MS patients .


  • Neurology for physiotherapy 0204363
  • Women health for physiotherapy 0204484
  • Pediatrics for physiotherapy 0204364
  • Psychosocial for physiotherapy 0204311
  • Clinical Practicum Supervision 0204371- 0204473
  • Ethics for health professional 0200107


Bio Al-Quds University - Jerusalem, Palestine 2012-Present.Teacher at Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Department / Allied health profession collage since January 2012, Miss Shifa` was a Research and Teaching assistant  and clinical supervisorat the department for 3 years ( September 2004- November 2007), she joined Cairo University at 2007, where she received a master`s degree in neurology , thesis was about ( Functional Outcomes Of The Upper Limb After Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation In Stroke Patient ).Worked at Abu Raya for SCI Rehabilitation center – Ramallah , from April till September 2004