Akram Amro


Lecturer in Department of Medical Physiotherapy


Department of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Health Professions, Al-Quds University, Abu Deis - Main Campus, Jerusalem -Palestine, Health Complex,  level -1


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Assistant Professor of Physiotherapy

Head of physiotherapy department,Al-Quds University. The Ph.D. in stroke rehabilitation outcome from university of western Cape(2013). Joined Al-Quds University in 2004.

Research interests

  • Stroke rehabilition .
  • Manual therapy .
  • Conservative Management od low back pain .
  • Age and aging research
  • Cerebral Palsy functional motivation.


  • Orthopedic physiotherapy  
  • Post surgical physiotherapy 
  • Special topics for phyiotherapy
  • Scientific research for health professions 
  • Management for phsyiotherapy 
  • Cariopulmonary physiotherapy
  • Physical agents
  • Human growth and development
  • Clinical courses

Selected publications

  • Amroakram, FaqeehAmeen , The Effect of School Bag Weight on Pain, Posture, and Vital Capacity of the Lungs of Three Elementary Schools in Bethlehem District in Palestine. The Middle East journal of familymedicine . Volume 7. Issue 7. August 2009
  • Amro Akram, DweikMajed, Abed Yehia .Epidemiological research: stroke risk factors in Hebron, (principal researcher ) , VDM publishing house, Oct. 2010
  • Amro Akram , MPH a,b,*, Ina Diener, PhD b,c, Wafa’ Omar Bdair, BPT a,Isra’ M. Hameda, BPT a, Arwa I. Shalabi, BPT a, Dua’ I. Ilyyan, BPT Mulligan taping techniques and mobilization with movement in treatment of patients with lateral Epicondylitis, Hong Kong journal of physiotherapy. accepted for publishing in oct.2010.   
  • Amro Akram, Mahmoud Qadah, Malek Hasan, Ahmad  NaelAlashhab, Hamoudah H. Gaith,. The Characteristics of Aging, based on (ICF) and the related Rehabilitation Needs of Palestinian Elderly People. Middle Eastern Journal of age and aging, 8 (3), 2011.
  • S.Cap. A. Amro, Empowering of Palestinian women to apply a home intervention program for their children with cerebral palsy. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, 55: 11–25. doi: 10.1111/dmcn.12258, (2013)