Kawther Alayasa


Lecturer in Department of Midwifery


Midwifery Department, Faculty of Health Professions, Al-Quds University, Abu Deis –Jerusalem, Health Complex - 1st Floor


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Kawther Sha’ban Mahmoud Alayasa, RN, MSN,
Coordinator of the child health nursing and neonatology courses, and supervising a clinical group of students at Al-Quds University- College of Health Professions. Educated at Al-Quds University, holds a Master degree in Pediatric Nursing. Joined Al-Quds University in 2007.

Research interests

  • Quality of life among children and adolescents with chronic illness.
  • Health perception and health promotion of children and adolescents with chronic disease.


  • Child Health Nursing theory (0206302)
  • Child Health Nursing Clinical. (0206303)
  • Neonatology Theory. (0206306)
  • Neonatology Clinical (0206307)
  • Nursing seminar (0201475 )
  • Geriatric Nursing Clinical (0201363)
  • Growth and development.

Selected publications

  • Khdour, M. Othman, H. Alayasa, K. (2011). Extent and nature of unlicensed and off-label medicine use in hospitalised children in Palestine. International journal of clinical Pharmacy 33(4): 605 PMID 2156779
  • Khdour, M. Alayasa, K. Alshahed, Q. Hawwa. A. (2012). Physicians’ perception, attitudes and expectations regarding the role of hospital- based pharmacists in the West Bank, Palestine (accepted for publication in international Journal of Pharmacy Practice).